Don't Throw The Believer Out With The Baptistry Water: The Best Of The Point Is... Volume 1


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Don't Throw The Believer Out With The Baptistry Water: The Best of The Point Is… Volume I has been called Chicken Soup for the Soul with a sense of humor. The book contains the wit and wisdom of country preacher. James Collins is a natural-born storyteller with a talent for reducing everyday occurrences into messages that pack a spiritual punch. His stories are “modern-day parables.” Collins looks at life’s woes and wonders such as a flying rattlesnake, the church, family, a Christian horse, growing up, army life, and the differences in men and women. Don’t Throw The Believer Out With The Baptistry Water will leave you laughing out loud and tearing up a little too.


263 pages

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review posted by Kathy Gallagher on 11-13-2019
A great way to get the point. Each story is a lesson told in a parable sometimes with humor sometimes with tears. Easy to read & a great gift idea. Very enjoyable & a great way to share the word.
review posted by Pam Meyer on 11-12-2019
I enjoyed every page of this book. All the stories really make the point . Some times your laughing other times your deep in thought. you can always relate to stories from your own life. A great read.
review posted by Pat Matthews on 11-09-2019
I loved this book. James is a natural story teller. One page I am laughing out loud, the next, I am wiping away the tears. Recommend for all age groups.
review posted by Edward on 11-09-2019
This was an excellent book. It was very easy to read and I enjoyed it tremendously.. I intend to order a couple more copies to give to friends. keep up the good work.
review posted by Iris on 11-09-2019
This collection of short stories is a very interesting read. The humorous ones will brighten your day and the heart-wrenching ones will humble your spirit. The author is more than a preacher and former Army chaplain; he quickly becomes a friend you can relate to. No matter what he’s writing about, it’s always attention-grabbing and never boring. His love and devotion to God come through, but never in a harsh, critical way. From someone without the patience to read a lot of books, this one is worth the time to read.
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