Shake Things Up
January 23, 2021, 8:00 AM

“And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.” Acts 4:31

The Cow Chip Festival was an annual event held where I grew up. Hundreds of people would come to town for the Cow Chip Festival to enjoy the Bull 5K Run, the Mad Cow Parade, and Cow Chip Bingo featuring a real cow. It was always an exciting time.

Our family would always have a family reunion during the Cow Chip Festival. Family would come from all over to visit and eat at my great grandma’s house. After my great grandma died, there was talk about cancelling the family reunion because there was no place to have the big supper. However, my Aunt Maimy decided that she would have the supper at her house. She decided to cook for our entire family.

On the day of the reunion, Aunt Maimy got up before dawn. All day long, she stressed and sweated, cooked and cleaned, and fussed and fidgeted. By that evening, she was exhausted, and totally stressed out. However, everything was in place. The food was ready. The house looked magnificent.

When the family showed up, Aunt Maimy got ready to serve the food. She had borrowed tables and folding chairs from the church. All the family was there. The house was full.

Before she sat down to eat, Aunt Maimy thought it would be a cute idea to ask my cousin to say the blessing. Her son was named Jimmy Joe Jeff Johnny Paul Ray Elmer Jr. – but we just called him Bubba. Aunt Maimy thought it would be cute to have Bubba say the blessing. She said, “Bubba, would you pray and bless the food.”

Bubba was about six-years-old. He was nervous because he was scared to pray in front of all those people. He said, “Momma, I just don’t know what to pray.” Aunt Maimy said, “Son, just pray what you have heard Momma pray today.”

My cousin, Jimmy Joe Jeff Johnny Paul Ray Elmer Jr. – we just called him Bubba – Bubba bowed his head. Bubba closed his eyes. Then said, “Oh dear God in heaven; why did I invite all these people over to my house!”

Bubba prayed a prayer that shook up the place, but it was nothing like the Book of Acts. In the Book of Acts, they had a prayer meeting that literally shook the house. The building shook. The foundation quivered. The roof swayed. The walls shook.

The point is: God showed up and shook the place up. I believe we could all use a little shaking. When was the last time you were shaken in your spirit? When was the last time you had a sweet hour of prayer? When was the last time you felt the presence of God?

Why don’t you let the Lord Jesus Christ shake things up a little?

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