The Nativity: How The Story Of Christmas Can Change Your Life


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Learn Something Life Changing This Christmas

After years, sometimes even decades, of hearing the Christmas story so many times, we lose the meaning. The story of the birth of Jesus Christ as told Luke Chapter 2 is the best-known story in the Bible. Ask anyone and they can tell you about Caesar’s tax. Everyone knows about Mary and Joseph’s trip to Bethlehem. Most people can tell you that Jesus was born in a stable. We’ve heard the story thousands of times, over and over, in Christmas pageants, plays, cards, TV programs, movies, and music. To many, the story of God becoming a man - of God taking on human flesh – has become so common that the greatest miracle in history has lost its impact. That’s why The Nativity was written, to help you take a fresh look at the Christmas story – to help you see beyond the familiar and find the true Spirit of Christmas.

Turn the pages to find the answers:

  • Who was the inn-keeper?
  • Why is Jesus called Emmanuel?
  • Did Mary and Joseph have children of their own?
  • Was Jesus born on December 25th?
  • What was the Tower of the Flock?
  • Is Jesus coming back?

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      The Nativity: How The Story Of Christmas Can Change Your Life








review posted by Chandler on 12-20-2019
Powerful and moving.
review posted by Judy on 11-26-2019
Awesome read!
review posted by Sandy on 11-26-2019
Great book, wonderful insight!
review posted by Marilyn on 11-26-2019
I learned so much!
review posted by Will on 11-13-2019
Pastor James is an excellent communicator. He has a way of taking complex theology and putting it into words that the average person can understand. I learned so much that I didn't know about Christmas from this book. I strongly recommend it.
review posted by Dorothy Taylor on 11-11-2019
Explanation of The Christmas Story we know as ‘The Nativity’, unrolled like a rose.
Prophecy, History, The Present and YOU in this book ‘The Nativity’ broken down and explained by events, people(s), even meaning of words spoken by these chosen.
Oh, yes and those familiar *loud grins* tucked in here and there along the way for making it fun to understand.....the point what these people did and why.
Turns out the Christmas story is all God’s guided plan with these folks of how and why Jesus Christ was born.
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